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Dallas Mining already conquers international market and innovates in the use of solar energy to move its structure.

Located in the city of Barra de São Francisco, 250 km from the state capital, Vitória, Dallas Mineração, is strategically located near the main deposits in operation in Brazil.

Operating in the Ornamental Stones market, both in Brazil and abroad for a year and a half, the company has in the extraction of Dallas White Granite, its main business card to demonstrate its high capacity and performance in the extraction process.

With the main goal of offering the best materials as well as excellent customer service, another major advantage of Dallas Mineração is its sustainable vision, accounting for 90% of all its solar-powered sectors, generating clean, sustainable and sustainable electricity. environmentally friendly and with over 25 years of service life. “We are extremely proud of the ways the company has been taking, in addition to its serious and responsible attitude, as a result of the permanent training of its professionals and the investment of materials that guarantee intelligent extraction, always aiming at the quality of life of all involved and the future. of generations

Total quality in our products

We are highly qualified to perform the ornamental stone extraction process.

Where are we

We are located in the municipality of Barra de São Francisco ES, where is located the main granite deposits in operation in Brazil.

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Take a visit at our headquarters, we will be proud to welcome you. Find out why we make a difference.